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Reserve a Studio For Training

Any athlete and any sports trainer can reserve a training studio to run a training session. Open to soccer, baseball, lacrosse, softball, golf, football, athletic training, etc. Up to 4 athletes are allowed in a studio (if a coach joins, the coach can be training 4 athletes total = 5 people total). 

Proof of insurance must be sent to if sport trainers are conducting sessions.

For those looking for soccer specific sessions: all of our soccer specific exclusive equipment has been updated to allow soccer players to efficiently train with apps, programmed session plans, instructional videos and leaderboards. Our coaches will propose session plans for each athlete upon arrival based on the studio they reserve and their caliber, it is up to that athlete if they want to apply the coaches plan or not.

From there, our coaches float amongst the sessions and assist where they see fit, whether an athlete has questions or the coach see something they need to correct. This allows for athletes to gain multiple perspectives during their training time, it holds them accountable to take an initiative in their training and push themselves to new standards and it allows them more access to our studios.

Book and buy 1-20 sessions in each studio at once. Reservations can be made a month in advance.

When reserving just a studio below, there is one fixed fee owed whether there is 1 athlete or 4 athletes in attendance (the cost does not increase with more athletes)

*Members receive a 10% discount on every purchase

Become a member HERE!

For full facility rentals and rates, CLICK HERE!


70 ft x 45 ft

35 ft by 45 ft

35 ft by 45 ft

Technical zone

senaptec Sensory station

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