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Coach Mackenzie August 

Founder & Owner

Hello! My name is Mackenzie August, founder and owner of MacRoc ADC. Thank you for visiting the site! Let me tell you a bit about myself. 

I began playing soccer at the age of 6. The years went on and all the sudden I was playing varsity at Libertyville High School and then graduating high school and playing at the University of Arizona for the Division I Women's Soccer Team and the Women's Club Soccer Team. In 2013, I received the opportunity to study and play at the University of Otago in Dunedin, New Zealand. After a life changing experience, I traveled home and decided I was not satisfied stopping my competitive soccer career after college graduation. Therefore, I dedicated my senior year of college to training for the USA National Women's Soccer League tryouts. In 2014, I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology & Sports Management. After graduating, I played for the NWSL Chicago Red Star Reserve Team. In 2015, I played for the Colorado Storm USL W-League Women's Semi-Professional team. In 2015 after my season, I moved up to Green Bay, WI which is where I am currently raising my family with my husband! In 2019, 2021 and 2022 (no 2020 season) I was fortunate to continue my semi-professional player career for the Green Bay Glory who have been part of both the WPSL and the W-League. 


I have also been fortunate enough to carry out a career in sports management over the years and have made multiple connections all over the country with sports professionals, coaches and directors. In 2011, I successfully obtained my United States Soccer Federation (USSF) "E" coaching license in Tucson, AZ. In June of 2016 I received my USSF "D" coaching license in Milwaukee, WI. 


I began training out of college while directing and operating summer camps and small clinics for the Chicago Red Stars. I began to network quite a bit and in time I had coaches requesting me to come out and train their teams. When I moved to Denver to play, I continued to train many young athletes. 


MacRoc all started in the trunk of my car when I moved to Green Bay in 2015. I was eager to get involved in the soccer community and quickly found myself traveling all over with a bag of balls and cones in my car, personally training multiple athletes.

Winter hit and I realized there was not enough turf time in the area for me to rent to fit in all the athletes that wanted to train. In 2017, I rented out my first space, laid some turf and was able to welcome in even more athletes. 

Since then, we have built a brand new 8,640 sq ft training facility (est. June 2021), grown to acquire equipment from all over the world and have rebranded to multi-sport training facility offering our studios and facility to athletes and coaches of all different sports. We do have soccer specific coaches on staff that are available for 1on1 and small group sessions. 

I am thrilled you have taken the time to check out MacRoc ADC and we hope to see you soon!

A Message from our Founder

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