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Toca Touch Trainer SESSIONS

“TOCA” means Touch.

Touch is your ability to control the soccer ball, particularly your first touch. 


TOCA was created as a game-changing approach to developing touch and other critical skills for players at all levels. 

The Toca Machine is capable of distributing the balls at all different speeds, angles and timings. 

The “small-ball philosophy" behind the Toca gives individual players the ability to train themselves in a variety of ways using a smaller, lighter ball which is ultimately harder to control.

Tightening up ones touch and control of a small ball, will provide great success while working with a match size ball.  

Our Toca sessions are planned as so: 

10-15 minute agility warm up and touches with a match size ball. 

Remaining 40-45 minutes working with ground and aerial balls into acceleration with the ball, distribution, combination play and placement/accuracy.  

When you click the PURCHASE buttons, you will be directed to UpperHand FOR THAT SPECIFIC PACKAGE. If you do not have an account, create a parent &/or athlete account at check out.

If you already have an UpperHand account-just log in once directed to the page.

Sessions are 50 minutes


Sharing sessions is not allowed!

The sessions are to only be used by the athlete who has them in their account. 

Sessions are only available for 1-4 players at a time 


$20/session/additional athlete (2-3 additional= max of 4 total)

Additional athletes can pay upon check in. We can charge accounts or accept cash or check.

 All athletes participating need to have an UpperHand account to confirm they have accepted our waiver. 

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