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Gain A competitive edge With Sensory Training 


Sensory Station

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Sensory app

The Senaptec Sensory Station is the world’s only complete sensory performance assessment and training solution with comprehensive cloud-based data and analytics. This one solution promotes brain health to maximize performance and improve vision, focus and mobility for people at all stages in life. Info & research studies HERE.


We have the full station at our facility and sessions can be booked here for $23/half hour, but to make it even easier, clients can unlimited access their personalized training plan on the at-home app for $35/month.


The Senaptec App is portable training designed as an extension to the Senaptec Sensory Station. The Senaptec algorithm learns and adapts to help push the client forward and achieve better results. We recommend a daily regimen of 10-15 minutes. As sensory skills improve, the App will automatically increase the difficulty to continue honing these skills.


Via the Senaptec Hub, the app utilizes our secure cloud technology to manage data and to provide immediate comparative results, allowing you to fully manage your programs and progress.  

App downloads:
The Senaptec App is compatible with Apple and Android devices. On your tablet, download and install the Senaptec App from App Store or Google Play. You will need the license code from us to start a training plan, which is what you get once you have activated your membership.


Once you purchase the membership, an account will be created for you with any specific sport training plan(s) or occupational therapy purposes, ADHD etc.

Set up Your App & personalized plan to train at home:

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