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Alabama Football & Senaptec 


The Senaptec Sensory Station is the world’s only complete sensory performance assessment and training solution with comprehensive cloud-based data and analytics. This one solution promotes brain health to maximize performance and improve vision, focus and mobility for people at all stages in life. 

After the assessment, the Senaptec Sensory Station automatically creates a training plan by selecting from the 14 training modules and other Senaptec sensory tools to provide most improvement. All performance results are encrypted in a secure database accessed by all your Senaptec training devices making it easy to keep track of progress. As your skills improve, the training modules adjust automatically to remain challenging and promote continuous improvement.


This technology is ideal for elite athletic training, rehabilitation and preventative health to build brain health and ultimately aid human performance.

Allows each lens to flicker between clear and opaque, removing visual information forcing the individual to process visual stimuli more efficiently.

There are 8 levels of flicker lens speed/difficulty. The slower the lens(es) flicker the hard it gets. 

Senaptec Evaluation Preview @ Macroc 

Gain A competitive edge With Sensory Training   

For all athletes: soccer, football, lacrosse, baseball, golf, swim, wrestling, volleyball, basketball, etc! 


MacRoc is now available for all athletes looking to take their game to the next level! The benefits of sensory training might be the best kept secret among the world’s best athletes! It’s simple – Our mind leads the body with 80% of the cues coming from how we process what we see.  As such, sensory training is the cornerstone of how we build better athletes.


Trusted by Champions in every competitive sport, the Senaptec Sensory Station starts with the sensory assessment. It is the athletic combine for the brain. What are the metrics for eye/hand coordination, depth perception, and reaction time? Our sensory assessment provides an immediate answer. The results are by a cloud-based data and analytics system relying on the Senaptec proprietary database designed to deliver long-term results in enhanced eye-brain-body connectivity. 

Recommended training is twice a week.

1on1 session/group of two is 45 minutes. 


Level 2 & 3 soccer specific members can use their credits toward Senaptec Sessions: Training Memberships

Book a single session or purchase a membership. Recommended training for best results is two sessions a week consistently. 

Single Session For 1-2 Players : $40.00

Senaptec Specific Memberships For All Athletes:

Senaptec Training #1 Membership (sessions for 1-2 players max): $120/month for 4 sessions


Senaptec #2 Membership (sessions for 1-2 players max): $135/month for 8 sessions​


Group sessions (3-4 players) 1 hour

Split your team up into groups of 3-4 and receive discount below!

Recommended training for best results is two sessions a week consistently.  

-$65/month/player for group of three athletes for group sessions with our Sensory Station & Strobes

-$60/month/player for group of four athletes for 4 groups sessions with our Sensory Station & Strobes 

-$99/month/player for a group of three athletes for 8 group sessions with our Sensory Station & Strobes

-$89/month/player for a group of four athletes for 8 group sessions with our Sensory Station & Strobes

Email for sessions

Membership Policies

  • Any unused credits each month will not roll over. 

    • Sessions are allocated into your account each month. For example, if you sign up for Level #2 Membership, you will receive 8 credits to book anytime (inside or outside of your current month), but you will not receive more credits until your next billing cycle; if you signed up October 29th, 2020, next billing cycle will be November 29th, 2020 & so on. Any unbooked sessions do not roll over. So just make sure your sessions are booked inside or outside of your current month and you should not miss out on any session! 

  • Payments are automatically withdrawn each month.

  • Memberships cannot be shared by athletes, whether family members or not​​. 

  • Members MUST provide a written notice (via email) if they would like to cancel the membership. Otherwise, the membership charge will run automatically each month. 

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