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FAmily packages

  • Credits can be shared amongst all members in the family

    • Only first-family can join private studio sessions for free. Buddies that are not family cost $40, as long as they are not members.

  • No Monthly Commitment

  • Credits Expire 9 Months From Purchase

  • One Credit= One Studio Session, One Goalkeeper Session and/or One Select Class/Clinic

  • If you use a credit to book a class and more than one family member attends the class, an additional credit(s) will be deducted to account for the number of athletes in the family participating in the class.

  • As a package buyer, you are not considered a member. If your athlete joins other player's scheduled sessions, they will be charged the buddy pass fee.

*Please purchase the package under the PARENTS ACCOUNT & then email us prior to every booked session to let us know who will be attending.

10 credits for $520 ($52/session) purchase here

20 credits for $920 ($46/session) purchase here


If you prefer to go the membership route, we also offer sibling discounts via our memberships which you can see here:

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