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Premier Soccer Training Camps

Prepare for the upcoming Fall 2023 season.

The 4 days will consist of:

These sessions will prepare each athlete for their Fall 2023 season.

The programs are focused around progressing each athlete's overall competitive edge in a pressure filled setting. Their technical ability on the ball and tactical awareness will be put to the test and their fitness will be benchmarked for their specific age group by the Bellin Health Performance Specialist.

Each day will consist of scrimmages, technical circuits, combination drills & speed & agility fitness testing. 

The Performance Specialists from Bellin will be testing each athlete's ability in the areas Below. National data comparisons will be provided based on age and gender and specific training recommendations based on results will be provided. *This specific testing will be done on monday (the first day) for each group.

Where do you stand in your ability to:


1. Use your speed to gain possession


2. Change direction efficiently


3. Apply your strength to maintain possession


4. Play a full game

$260 for all 4 days or $75 for individual days

*Members receive 10% off 

Become a member HERE!

*Please register your athlete for the age group they will be playing in the Fall. If they prefer to train at an even higher level, athletes may register an age group up, as long as there is confidence they can perform alongside and against athlete's in that age bracket. If you would like to inquire with our coaches about it, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

High school boys: register Here 

High School Girls: Register Here

U13's-U14's: Register Here

U11's-U12's: Register Here

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